Conservatory Blinds

Made To Measure Conservatory Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds offer the neatest, tidiest finish for your uPVC conservatory windows. These type of blinds fit perfectly around the frame and are completely child safe featuring a cord-free control. Perfect Fit Blinds provide an excellent solution for affordable window blinds, and are particularly suited to DIY installation.
Coming in a made-to-measure frame, Perfect Fit blinds clip into place between the glass and rubber beading of uPVC windows. This simple finish is ideal for anyone hoping to tuck away their blinds and enjoy an uninterrupted view from their conservatory.

To see actual Perfect Fit Blinds (not just a fabric sample) contact us for a free quotation. Let a locally-based blinds expert make your conservatory look fantastic. Choose from a massive range, helping you to transform your conservatory into one of the most beautiful aspects of your home. We take great pride in making sure you have the advice and ideas you need so that you can select blinds that really work. So, as well as getting fantastic ideas on this website, pleasant, expert advisors are available for no obligation appointments enabling you to choose conservatory blinds that will really improve your home.


  • Perfect Fit blinds leave no gaps between the fabric and window
  • Superb control over light and privacy
  • Syles from our Pleated, Neat Fit, Venetian and collections, giving you a wonderful choice of colours, neutrals and patterns.
  • Mounted within a Perfect Fit frame that can then be push-fitted between the glass and neoprene gaskets of UPVC windows without the need for drilling or screwing.

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