Blackout Blinds

Made To Measure Blackout Blinds

Regular blinds often have trouble blocking out all the light on a particularly bright morning or at any time during the day, when you require more darkness in your room. Our wide selection of blackout blinds are completely tailored to your needs, convenient for bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas demanding greater light control.

We offer 2 main types of blackout blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds, all of which have full blackout properties. Blackout blinds look identical to a normal version of the type of blind you see in homes across the UK. However they have a lining on the blind that stops light penetrating through and potentially disturbing you. We offer many different colours, patterns and textures on blackout blinds to match your interior design.


  • Blocks the light coming into a room
  • Easily creates a good sleeping environment
  • Choices of fabric or PVC material
  • Child safe string and chain operation

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